Bushmills Whiskey Barrels

Bushmills Whiskey Barrels

Distilling whiskey since 1608, Bushmills is the oldest distiller in Ireland. With a range of six whiskeys that include 10-year, 16-year and 21-year single malts, it's a multi award-winning brand that is exported throughout the world and loved by many. 

Visit their website: https://bushmills.com

Bushmills Barrel #1

Our very first recorded barrel from Bushmills has been set aside to make pens and a few other select pieces. You can get a lot of pens out of a single barrel so we expect this one to last a while.

Bushmills Barrel Lid
Barrel lid
Dismantled Bushmills Barrel
Dismantled barrel

Find your stave ...

If you know the number of your stave, locate it below to view the actual wood that your Barrel Crafts item was made from. 

Bushmills Barrel #1, Staves 1+
Staves from 1+
Bushmills Barrel #1, Staves 6+
Staves from 6+
Bushmills Barrel #1, Staves 11+
Staves from 11+
Bushmills Barrel #1, Staves 16+
Staves from 16+
Bushmills Barrel #1, Staves 22+
Staves from 22+
Bushmills Barrel #1, Staves 26+
Staves from 26+