Find me at St George's Market, Belfast, every Saturday and Sunday until 3pm.

Woodcraft from Whiskey Barrels

Artisan crafts and furniture made in Northern Ireland.


Inspired by Wood

Barrel Crafts was established in 2019 to create functional crafts and furniture from retired whiskey barrels.

Our recycled barrels are sourced in Northern Ireland and originate from various distilleries including Bushmills, Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's and Austin Nichols.

Everything we make has been thoughtfully designed and engineered using quality oak staves and premium fittings. The barrel wood is infused with whiskey and steeped in character ... producing tactile, aromatic crafts that are a pleasure to own and a joy to use.

We're available for new commissions and new stockists, so please get in touch to discuss an opportunity with us.

Until we meet ... all the best.

Call me direct on 07827 666 195.


St George's Market, Belfast

I have a stall with a full range of product at St George's Market, Belfast, every Saturday and Sunday.

Retail Outlets

You will find some of our product in select shops around Northern Ireland, including The Shambles at Glenarm.

Hospitality Trade

We supply the food and drink industry with product to make their customer's experience memorable.


Simply beautiful work. It looks great, feels wonderful and smells ... comforting.

David Applegate