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A wall-mounted, rope-handle bell fixed to a select piece of Irish whiskey barrel wood. A must have for any domestic or commercial bar.

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Two Finishes
With the natural (darker) finish we've cleaned and oiled the wood. With the sanded (lighter) finish we've sanded through the age to reveal the grain and colour before oiling

Easy Fixing
We use an industrial strength bracket that is easy to fit: simply screw one side to the wall and slide the unit home. The result is a tough and solid mount that allows you to remove the bell at any time.

Product Specs
The bell is a stylish, medium-grade cast metal with silver-coloured finish. It has a generous sound and an attractive rope handle. Size: 20cm high x 12cm wide x 16cm deep (not including the rope).

Each bell is slightly different from the next. While the overall length is constant at around 26cm, the width at the widest point ranges from 10cm to 12cm. The weight of each piece varies between 0.7kg and 1.0kg. 

As with any natural product, the textural features, imperfections and colour will alter from the examples shown. Please do not be disappointed if your item does not look the same as the images ... it will almost certainly be different.

Where to Use
These bells can be used inside and out however, discolouration and pitting is likely to occur when exposed to the elements.

In Stock
These last orders bells are currently in stock. Order online today and yours will be in the post within 2 working days. Volume orders will take longer.